An Explanation of ACORD 140 Forms

Forms in the world of insurance are ubiquitous. The insurance industry uses a great deal of paperwork to establish its clients and create policies with the right amount and type of coverage. One of the most important types of record-keeping is the ACORD 140 form.

An Explanation of ACORD

An acronym, ACORD stands for Association for Operations Research and Development. This organization is a not-for-profit agency that sets the standards for the insurance industry. It establishes universal documents and language that all agencies throughout the industry use. ACORD has developed numerous paper forms. With the advent of digital technology, ACORD has also standardized electronic information and transmissions so that agencies around the world can easily communicate.

ACORD 140 Forms

While ACORD has amassed a large library of many forms, one type is common and frequently used. The ACORD 140 form focuses on commercial properties — the actual structures in which companies are housed and all contents within those structures, especially business-related equipment. This information helps insurance companies find the right amount of coverage for your business so that you are protected should an emergency happen.

ACORD forms are designed to collect information for insurance agencies in a standardized and comprehensive way so that you get the right protection for your particular business.