A New Option to Self-Fund Your Businesses’ Healthcare

Captive health insurance

Captive health insurance can allow your organization to have many of the benefits of being self-funded while avoiding some of the risks a completely self-funded organization faces. With healthcare costs constantly on the rise, this type of insurance may be the perfect fit. Captive plans put more control in your hands and help curb rising medical costs.

The Benefits of Captives

Allowing for multiple parties to join together, captive health insurance allows employers of medium-sized companies to take advantage of the benefits of being self-insured while spreading the risk among other employers who want to share in those same benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Less risk than a fully self-funded plan
  • Lower overall healthcare costs
  • A wide variety of coverage’s available

Underwriting profits can come back to your business

Keeping costs under control is a huge concern for today’s business owners. Captive plans give you more control over your companies medical costs and allow for better budgeting of these expenses. Underwriting profits can also come back to your business, which helps alleviate even more of your medical coverage expense.

Healthcare coverage is an essential part of running a business today and is often one of the largest costs to an employer. Captive health insurance can provide a quality, financially sound benefits coverage solution for your business.