A Contractor’s Back-Up Plan

construction liability insurance

Contractors and those in the construction industry find their working environments on the risky side when it comes to employee safety. Although training and supervision work well to combat accidents involving employees, may job sites are visited by clients, inspectors or surveyors, increasing the chances for an incident. To protect your company in the event of an accident, construction liability insurance is a must-have.

The Protection It Offers

Contractor liability insurance benefits your business in three ways:

  • Protections for your business and its employees. With this coverage in place, your company and the individuals you employ are protected against any general claims of physical harm or property damage. Even if the incident wasn’t the fault of your company, a court could find you liable.
  • Protection for your assets. If a claim is brought against your company, you won’t be in danger of losing your assets in order to pay the damages out of pocket.
  • Long-term survival when accidents happen. When accidents occur, having insurance will keep your company from stressing over the unexpected expenses of having to provide for property repair, restitution and legal expenses.

Carry adequate construction liability insurance protects your company from financial worries resulting from a claim. Check with local agents for the cost of premiums and the coverage limits.