4 Things Your Bar Insurance Should Cover

bar insurance

When you’re in the hospitality business, you’re in the people business. Your specialty is serving and giving people a good time. Unfortunately, not all patrons are always on their best behavior, which puts you in a difficult position. You need to protect both your customers and your business. An answer to this situation is making sure you have bar insurance.

All the Coverage You Need

From A to Z, you can find the coverage necessary to protect your assets and customers. Here are some policies that cover the industry:

1. General Liability. From a slip and fall to a simple pinch, if it happens on your property, you could be liable for the injury.
2. Liquor Liability. This is needed when a patron leaves your establishment and causes serious injury or death to him or herself or others due to a drunk driving accident, and families are left questioning how it happened.
3. Products and Completed Operations. Food poisoning and allergic reactions to food or beverages you provide make you potentially liable for any accrued medical costs.
4. Assault and Battery: Whether between patrons or security and patrons, any injury that occurs due to a physical altercation could cost you money.

Be Prepared

Owning a bar brings you great business and an opportunity to provide hundreds of customers with a fun, relaxing atmosphere. While that comes with various liability hazards, you have nothing to worry about with a comprehensive bar insurance policy.