3 Ways To Avoid Manufacturing Machinery Breakdowns

marine manufacturing insurance program

A good marine manufacturing insurance program will cover general liability, real and personal property, and other coverage enhancements. It should also cover general machinery breakdowns, as well. Failed equipment can bring manufacturing to a stop. Avoid some failures altogether with these three tips.

1. Read the Operator’s Manual

It seems like such a simple thing, but all too often machine operators ignore the manual. The manual tells the operator how to calibrate the equipment and properly prepare it for operation. It will also provide a maintenance schedule to help keep the machine operating properly. Most also include a troubleshooting section that helps operators identify and fix a problem without having to locate a technician.

2. Don’t Run the Machine to Hard

Sometimes operators will run a machine at or above its stated capacity. Pushing or breaking the limits of the machine could damage the equipment. It could also go against the terms set in your marine manufacturing insurance program policy.

3. Replace Worn Parts

It is better to replace a part according to the maintenance schedule than allowing the part to wear out and damage the machine. Also, consider inspecting other components to make sure a different broken part didn’t cause the original failure.

Following the recommended maintenance schedule should keep your machinery running smooth. A good marine manufacturing insurance program policy should protect you when you can’t avoid a breakdown.