3 Types of Insurance Every Small Business

small business insurance in Florida

Needs Starting a business is risky. There are challenges that can negatively impact your bottom line. You work hard on providing the best products or services. It’s important that you protect your company – and your dream. This is why choosing small business insurance in Florida is essential for safeguarding your assets, property, customers, and workers. There are three types of coverage worth obtaining immediately.

1. Property Do you lease or own your space?

In either case, protect it with property insurance. This policy covers assets such as inventory, signage, and equipment. These properties are safeguarded against theft, storms or fire.

2. Workers’ Compensation

As soon as you hire someone, get workers’ compensation coverage. Employees are exposed to risks on a daily basis. Anything from falling to developing carpal tunnel may result in hefty claims. This policy offers coverage for:

  • Death benefits
  • Disability
  • Medical treatment

3. Professional Liability You set out to deliver the best product or service.

Unfortunately, there may be negligence, failures or mistakes that harm the customers. Professional liability protects you under those circumstances. Since every business is different, this coverage is customized to suit your specific needs.

You can’t control every risk. However, you can avoid massive financial losses. Whether you experience a catastrophe or lawsuit, small business insurance in Florida gives you the protection you need.