3 Types of Insurance Every Nightclub Needs

nightclubs insurance

You’re a nightclub owner – not an insurance agent. So, it’s understandable you find choosing the right policy a bit confusing or overwhelming. What plan is best for you? How much coverage do you need? Where do you start? One thing is for sure: you need nightclubs insurance. It protects your establishment against various liability claims. With that said, here’s a brief overview of policies you may need or should consider.

General liability is a good starting point. It covers legal costs associated with lawsuits filed by patrons who suffer injures, incidents or accidents on club premises. Patron-on patron fights or physical disputes between customers and staff are common nightclub problems. In this instance, an assault and battery policy is needed. It covers property damages and bodily injury resulting from violent altercations. Liquor liability is another nightclubs insurance policy worth having. There are many cases where clubs are hit with alcohol-related lawsuits. These claims often result in major financial losses for club owners. These are just a few coverage plans that help nightclubs reduce liability costs.

Need more information? Contact a reputable insurance provider. Ideally, consult with an agency that’s has extensive experience working with the hospitality industry. A professional, licensed agent can help you select the best policy that suits your specific business needs.