3 Tips to Reduce the Chance of Cargo Damage During the Winter

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Keeping cargo safe during the winter can be an everyday challenge for truckers and it’s no surprise that claims departments everywhere become busy during this time of the year. Here we will discuss a few ways to keep your cargo protected and how you can request a cargo insurance quote online.

1. Prepare the Trucks for Winter Driving

One of the first things you must do as a fleet manager, is winterize each of the trucks so they get cargo to their destination without problems. This includes checking the batteries for charge and expiration, checking all fluids, inspecting tire pressure and tread and stocking each truck with an emergency kit for driver safety.

2. Plan Ahead Before Weather Conditions Become Worse

Unless no other choice is given, it’s always safer for driver to deliver goods when road conditions are cleared up. If possible, reschedule the delivery time with a customer or find routes for your drivers that have ongoing road maintenance.

3. Appoint Trusted Drivers for Hectic Conditions

Sending your most experienced drivers with a great sense of judgement can be the difference between a loss and a successful day. The drivers should have experience driving their loaded rig on ice or snow and have the patience to pull over if conditions get worse.

Don’t Drive This Winter Without Cargo Insurance

If you drive in a region with snow and ice conditions each year, your cargo may be better off fully protected with quality cargo insurance. You can receive a cargo insurance quote online today by sending a request to a reputable truck insurance agent.