3 Tips for Marketing Your Insurance Business

how to market insurance

Understanding how to market insurance need not require an extensive marketing background. Consider taking advantage of these three tips to opportunistically market your business.

1. Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

You never know when the opportunity will present itself to quickly and concisely explain your company’s value proposition to a prospective client. The woman sitting next to you at the little league baseball game or the clerk at the grocery store may be actively searching for insurance, and an effective summary of what you can offer could start a long-term customer relationship.

2. Ask for Referrals

To use the popularity of online customer review sites, encourage satisfied customers to post reviews showing how you’ve served their needs. Follow up by sending a thank you to the reviewer to let them know how much you appreciate their support. Shoppers often rely on testimonials posted to third-party websites for insight when making purchasing decisions.

3. Strengthen Your Online Presence

Regardless of other marketing channels, a strong online presence can market your business 24 hours per day, whenever it’s convenient for your customer. Feature engaging and relevant content that is optimized to be readable on any type of device.

When you understand how to market insurance whenever an opening presents itself, whether in person or online, you’ll be ready to start developing new business any time the opportunity arises.