3 Things an Insurance Agent Can Do for You

There are many companies that are direct writers, which means they sell straight to the customer online or over the phone through a central customer service line. While it seems the clear choice because of convenience, you’d be missing out on these three things an insurance agent can do for you.

Impart Unparalleled Expertise

Insurance agents typically write several lines including home, auto, life, and often even commercial and farm coverage. With such a comprehensive understanding of risk management, your agent can apply that knowledge to your insurance needs.

Provide Personal Service

Your agent will get to know you, what your needs are and how best to cover the things that matter most to you. It’s also good to know they carry Insurance Agents E&O coverage on their own business so there’s recourse for anything overlooked.

Support Local Business

Now more than ever, people understand that local businesses are the heart of a locale, whether it’s a big city to a small town. When you hire an insurance agent, you’re also helping the office’s support staff, a local landlord, and even other small businesses that rely on the increased foot traffic.

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing insurance from a carrier who promises big savings for buying online. However, choosing an insurance agent comes with additional benefits.