3 Common Myths Surrounding Renters Insurance

renters insurance in IL

There are a lot of misconceptions concerning renters insurance in IL. Many of these myths can be dispelled, and it will show you the advantages of acquiring this policy.

Myth #1: Not Enough Stuff to Warrant a Policy

Many apartment tenants simply feel like they do not have enough stuff to warrant insurance. However, you likely have more valuable items than you realize. A fire could destroy your mattress, laptop, television and a lot of other items you take for granted. In the event of disaster, you could be responsible for covering the cost of everything.

Myth #2: Landlord Covers Everything

Landlords take care of paying for damages to the building itself. However, when it comes to your personal belongings, most landlords will not be liable.

Myth #3: It Is Too Expensive

On the contrary, renters insurance tends to be rather affordable. It often costs much less than other types of insurance policies, so for a little money every month, you can have the peace of mind that your worldly possessions are covered.

It is crucial to separate fact from fiction, especially when it comes to insurance policies. Do not expose yourself to extreme threats when a solution is possible. Apartment tenants should look into renters insurance in IL before moving in.